Think, Act, and Lead with Insights Series

A data literacy course for future-ready managers who want to learn how to extend data into actions and drive cross-functional business impact through data

Our clients

  • sfgh
    Build data

    Develop an understanding of analytics and the curiosity to turn data into insights

  • Build Data
    science skills

    Understand when to use A/B testing and Predictive Analytics

  • Bring the

    Drive data-driven decision- making throughout your organization

  • Become an

    Convert your critical stakeholders into powerful supporters

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The Aryng differentiator

  • Diff

    Learn from renowned
    Silicon Valley industry

  • csfgrht

    Get BADIR, a tried and
    tested framework to solve
    growth problems

  • adretr

    Learn how to identify and
    solve highest value

  • dfetgrytdwret

    Drive career growth through
    key decision-science and
    data-science skills

Meet the trainers

  • Piyanka Jain
  • Ram kumar
  • Yash Shah
  • Piyanka Jain
  • Ram kumar
  • Yash Shah
  • Piyanka Jain
  • Ram kumar
  • Yash Shah
  • 7-hour coursework
  • 4 industry cases, 16 reflection activities
  • 24/7 LinkedIn community
  • Monthly mentoring

Tools and methods

Pre-requisites: Desire to drive impact using data


This complete data litracy course is for managers, leaders, and analysts who want to lead with data and create a data-driven culture within the organization.

  • 1
    Statics 101
  • 2
    Predictive analytics
  • 3
    A/B testing
  • 4
    Analytics Agenda

Aryng vs. other programs

Masters or
diploma courses

platform courses


Job-ready, hands-on training
Focused on solving real Business problem for industry Rare Marginal
Learning of end-to-end process of Data Science project Modular Modular
Taught by analytics experts with Fortune 100 experience Rare
Technical as well as non-technical (business / soft skills) Rare
Lifetime access to live community of fellow learners Rare
1-on-1 access to Data Science expert instructions Rare
Flexible, self-placed, online courses
Industry-recognized certification Accredited Inconsistent Professional Certification

Benefits included

  • An official social media ready course completion certificate
  • 12 months of access to all course content and videos. Go back, pause, take notes, as many times
  • Templates, cheat sheets, and samples that help you take your training to your day-to-day
  • Lifetime access to LinkedIn class group for continued learning and support
  • Group mentoring every month with Aryng experts
  • Flexible Learning

The course at a glance

Topic Duration
What is Analytics? 20 minutes
Introduction to BADIR and Critical Thinking 20 minutes
Pets R Us exercise: Overview of BADIR analysis framework 60 minutes
Data Literacy Pathways and Quiz 60 minutes
What is Analytics? 20 minutes
Introduction to Analytics Landscape 30 minutes
Statistics 101: Aggregate and Correlation Analysis 30 minutes
Winery case exercise: Overview of BADIR analysis framework 60 minutes + exercise
How to lay an Analytics Agenda: Three key questions to ask 40 minutes
Introduction to Predictive Analytics 90 minutes
Introduction to test-and-learn (A/B Testing) 40 minutes
How to create impact in a cross-functional organization 45 minutes
How to hire and develop a data-driven team 25 minutes

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to complete the TAL Bundle?
    The TAL Bundle consists of three courses as given below:
    Think with Data - 4 sections with a total of 2 hours of self-paced online lectures
    Act with Data - 4 sections with a total of 2 hours of self-paced online lectures
    Lead with Insights 5 sections with a total of 3 hours of self-paced online lectures
  • What is the background knowledge necessary to take this course?
    You need a desire to befriend the data to make the most out of this course.
  • Do I get a badge at the completion of the course?
    Yes, after taking the course, you would be presented with a short quiz at the end of each of the courses. If you score 70% or more in each of the three, you will earn the ‘Think with Data’, ‘Act with Data’, and the ‘ Lead with Insights’ data literacy badges that you can showcase on your resume and social media - LinkedIn and others. This course also prepares you to take the BADIR- white belt exam . If you pass that exam, you will earn the BADIR - white belt certification.